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Smearing Them as Nazis

She’s a hatemonger. She’s the type of person that would have gladly rounded up the Jews in Germany and shipped them off to death camps. -Mike Malloy, discussing Michele Bachmann

Compare your opponent to Adolf Hitler.

  This is your heavy artillery, for when your opponent is obviously right, and you are spectacularly wrong.

  Bring Hitler up subtly. Say, “That sounds suspiciously like something Adolf Hitler might say,” or “You certainly do remind me of Adolf Hitler.” in e-mail to John Podesta Go To Site

The worst thing about 2016 — an otherwise bracing year of political upset and oligarchical tears — has been the mainstreaming of the insult ‘fascist’. Anyone who sticks it to the status quo, whether by rejecting the EU or plumbing for Trump over Clinton, risks being smeared with the F-word. -Brendan O'Neill Go To Site

"But I’m thinking when he said today ‘America First’ it was not just the racial, I mean the, um, I shouldn’t say racial, the Hitlerian background to it." -Chris Matthews, MSNBC at Trump Inauguration Go To Site

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A University of Texas-Austin employee is doubling down on his previous claim that Republicans are "preparing an ethnic cleansing."

  In 2017, Alex Wild, who at the time of publication was listed on the university's website as the curator of entomology, tweeted "Trump's 'security' plans are terrible for actual security. But pretty good if ethnic cleansing is the real goal. These people are Nazis."

  More than two years later, Wild tweeted Tuesday, "Shortly after Trump took office, I noted that Republicans were preparing an ethnic cleansing. Now, in 2019, I stand by that statement. Their thin, panicky public denials stand in stark contrast to their public messaging. And to the growing body count."

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Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., repeatedly likened President Donald Trump to Hitler in a speech, citing what he said were similarities in their rise to power and calling the president an "authoritarian anti-immigrant racist strongman."

  "(Hitler) rode a wave of nationalism and anti-Semitism to power. Replace anti-Semitism with 'all Latinos crossing our borders are rapists, drug dealers and murderers,' does that sound familiar?" Johnson said Tuesday during a keynote address at an event hosted by the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP.

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Boards have now replaced broken glass following a case of vandalism at the Republican Party of Fayette County.

  The building suffered damage to its front window as a result of what appeared to come from a sledgehammer. Upon hearing of the vandalism, some Democrats helped their political rivals to help clean up the damage...

  This is the third time in two years that the building had been vandalized. Most recently in August 2017, vandals defaced the property with spray paint, writing words like "Nazi scum" and "Die Nazi."

Sacramento Bee Compares Trump

To Hitler


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Democratic representative James Clyburn said Wednesday that the United States is moving closer to Nazi Germany with a Hitler-like Donald Trump at the helm. “We are approaching a place that we’ve been before,” Clyburn said on CNN, indicating that he thinks the country is on the path toward Nazi Germany.

  “We remember from our studies what happened in the 1930s in Germany,” he said. “I told a business group down at Hilton Head several weeks before the election, that what I saw coming was a replay of what happened in Nazi Germany.”

Academic Is Confused About Fascism...

“Trump is a Nazi. At this point, you are, too if you still support him.”

As author and commentator Ryan Anderson observes, Tushnet depicts the “losers” of the American culture wars—meaning primarily Orthodox Jews, Roman Catholics and Evangelical Christians—as “the functional equivalent of racists and Nazis.” -Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. Go To Site

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Honolulu’s Café 8 ½ gets rave reviews on Yelp for its “Radiatore Verde” and “Italian stir fry,” among other popular dishes at the eclectic mom-and-pop restaurant – but the response to its new 'policy' barring pro-Trump patrons has been decidedly more mixed.

   A bright yellow, handmade sign posted on the restaurant's front glass door declares: “If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis.”

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Former senator John Glenn (D-Ohio) took the defense a step further by comparing the Republicans' misleading statements to those of Nazi Germany. "You've just got to separate out fact from fiction. . . . Too often, too often, in this country, if you hear something repeated, it's the old Hitler business -- if you hear something repeated, repeated, repeated, repeated, you start to believe it," he said.

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The image showed a group of young boys gathered in a circle with their hands raised at an unusual angle. The AP’s original caption on the photo said they were reciting the organization’s “creed” during a meeting in North Richland Hills, Texas. It took the AP several days to acknowledge their error. But by then, the unfortunate comparison to Nazi Germany had spread on the Internet faster than Hitler’s invasion of Poland. “New Trail Life scouting group excludes gay kids & they do a ‘Sieg Heil! Style salute,” tweeted Cathy Lynn Grossman of Religion News Service.

The photograph ran last Sunday in newspapers across the nation and generated hundreds of angry emails and some threatening telephone calls to Trail Life headquarters.

Goldwater was Hitler. Nixon was Hitler. Reagan was Hitler. Bush was Hitler. None of the latter three men declared the Fourth Reich, made themselves dictators for life and ran concentration camps. But the Big Lie retroactively rewrites the past by claiming that last decade's Hitler was a decent moderate while the latest Republican Hitler is a terrifying monster.

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"Despite all of this stupid bullsh-- that the Republican National Committee, or whatever the f--- they call them, that they were saying that they're all angry about how two of these ads were comparing Bush to Hitler? I mean, out of thousands of submissions, they find two. They're like fu--ing looking for Hitler in a haystack. You know? I mean, George Bush is not Hitler. He would be if he fu--ing applied himself.

CNN analyst Samantha Vinograd on Saturday likened President Donald Trump's speech during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to rhetoric from Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

-Cameron Cawthorne Go To Site

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"The administration works closely with a network of rapid-response digital Brown Shirts who work to pressure reporters and their editors for undermining support for our troops," Gore said. The term "Brown Shirts" refers to Nazi supporters in the 1930s and '40s.

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Dear Mr. Olbermann,

We are deeply dismayed by your ongoing use of the Nazi "Sieg Heil" salute, both on your program and in public appearances -- including the recent Television Critics Association press tour -- while holding up a mask of Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly.

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Bill Maher: Laura Bush is Like "Hitler's Dog"

"Goldwater's acceptance speech had the stench of fascism. All we needed to hear was Heil Hitler."

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Rep. Brian Baird likens town hall patrons as “brown shirts”; alluding to the Nazi regime. Brian Baird (D) Washington, will hold “Telephone Town Halls” over the August recess so that his constituents that he has compared to Nazi’s will not be able to speak with him face to face.

Being a Republican is apparently no different than being a white supremacist. Supporting a lower marginal tax rate puts you in the same company as the Ku Klux Klan. Therefore, punching a Nazi is the same as punching someone wearing a MAGA hat.

  This is the logical endpoint of what social justice warriors have been arguing since before Charlottesville.

  Everyone who opposes their political agenda does so out of hatred and bigotry, and there’s little difference between the GOP establishment and fringe neo-Nazi groups.

-John Daniel Davidson Go To Site

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At a Thursday rally in New Jersey protesting Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s pension deal that would cut pensions and benefits to public workers, a union leader charged Christie with acting like a Nazi. And not any ordinary Nazi, but Adolf Hitler himself.

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Actress Susan Sarandon called Pope Benedict XVI a Nazi during a discussion session at the Hamptons Film Festival over the weekend.

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"You know, I listen to this monster, and all I see is underneath his suit, I see the SS uniform. And if he were to open up his collar, there would be the death’s head.” -Radio talk-show host Mike Malloy

WI Teachers Union with Hitler signs.

It's not fair! It's not fucking fair!....

"Now some of us, like yours truly, got bailed out by our backers, but we have courts dates and TEN FUCKING YEARS in jail. FOR HUNDREDS OF US. THIS IS FUCKING INSANE.

It's not fair. It's not fucking fair. We're not fascists like you fucks. We're the good guys."

Madonna kicked off her Sticky & Sweet Tour in the U.K. Saturday, and stirred up a beehive of controversy by comparing Republican presidential nominee John McCain to Adolf Hitler in a video montage during the show.

  During the song "Get Stupid," Madonna flashed images of McCain alongside photos of Hitler and brutal Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, as well as images of destruction and global warming, according to British paper The Times.

-Jocelyn Vena Go To Site

Nazis don’t exist, except in the hearts of socialists, who need them desperately to excuse the mass murders they intend to commit.

  It's time for the left to face the fact they're using Nazis as a shield. And that when the only people you can point to that are worse than you are the Nazis, it's time to abandon your dead-end philosophy.

-Sarah Hoyt Go To Site

If every political opponent is the moral equivalent of Adolf Hitler, if every political initiative tantamount to D-Day, then there is much that can be excused in the way of underhandedness, rhetorical excess, demagoguery, and the like.

-Kevin D. Williamson Go To Site