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Off The Feminist Reservation

It’s no secret that conservative women are held to a different standard than liberal women. That bias becomes most obvious when a conservative woman rises to a prominent position. -Ashe Schow

Hoff Sommers asserted that those daring to criticize modern feminism typically suffer career consequences and "excommunication." She had tenure when she began criticizing the modern movement, but if she hadn't, she would have suffered. -Ashe Schow Go To Site

A student who was born female felt perfectly comfortable identifying as a man at Wellesley College — until people said he shouldn’t be class diversity officer because he is now a white male. Go To Site

It’s long been known that the only acceptable form of sexism in the politically correct world is that from liberals against those women they disagree with. -Ashe Schow Go To Site

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U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona is no stranger to taking flak from fellow Democrats for bucking the party line -- but a former high-level aide to President Barack Obama may have crossed another line.

  "I think she’s a cunt," Alyssa Mastromonaco told the "Pod Save America" podcast earlier this month, after Sinema refused to side with other Democrats regarding the filibuster. "That’s what I have to say."

  The hosts, also ex-Obama staffers, laughed in response, before one asked, "Do we have to beep that?" "No, because I’m a woman," Mastromonaco replied. "I’m a woman, OK?"

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The View hosts attacked Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina‘s appearance during their post-debate analysis, saying she looked like a demented Halloween mask when she smiled. “You know what Carly said which really made me laugh?” Michelle Collins asked. “She kicked off her thing saying, ‘You know, people tell me that I didn’t smile enough during the last debate.'” Collins imitated Fiorina’s smile. “She looked demented!” she continued. “Her mouth did not downturn one time.” “I wish it was a Halloween mask,” Joy Behar said. “I’d love that.”

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A student who was born female felt perfectly comfortable identifying as a man at Wellesley College — until people said he shouldn’t be class diversity officer because he is now a white male. Timothy Boatwright was born a girl, and checked off the “female” box when applying to the Massachusetts all-women’s school, according to an article in the New York Times. But when he got there, he introduced himself as a “masculine-of-center genderqueer” person named “Timothy”...

 Boatwright felt welcome on campus — until the day he announced that he wanted to run for the school’s office of multicultural affairs coordinator, whose job is to promote a “culture of diversity” on campus. “I thought he’d do a perfectly fine job, but it just felt inappropriate to have a white man there,” the student behind the so-called “Campaign to Abstain” said.

"Today, because they disagreed with my views, I was accused of having had plastic surgery, called a "cunt" told I was a traitor to my gender, was told I had no soul & told to kill myself by the same leftist feminazis who preach against victimization of women. War on women indeed."

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State senator Donna Campbell, who issued the third point of order against Davis’s filibuster (which ended it), has also been the target of extensive verbal abuse from pro-choice protesters, according to her spokesman Jon Oliver. They’ve received Facebook messages and e-mails saying, “I hope you’re raped” and “I hope your daughter’s raped,” Oliver tells me. “Lots of language — ‘You’re an effin’ blank,’ ‘You are a traitor to women’ — those kind of things,” Oliver says.

Feminism is a herding mechanism for insecure women. Thus, those who do not conform must be shunned. -Glenn Reynolds Go To Site

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Pennsylvania State Rep. Babette Josephs, D-Philadelphia, picked up the political hand grenade that is the state's ultrasound bill today when she wondered aloud at a Capitol rally if Republican women who had co-sponsored the bill are "men with breasts."

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Gloria Steinem flew to Texas all the way from New York City to call Senate candidate Kay Bailey Hutchison a "female impersonator."

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Smeared, Ex-Obama Staffers Laugh...

  "I think she’s a cunt. That’s what I have to say."

A Democrat Discounts Harassment Claim Against Joe Biden...

"Judging by the position of the female vagina, it will not be easy for anyone to just put their finger into the vagina unless their is some cooperation from the female herself.

 That is why I believe Tara Reade's allegations is false. She is looking for attention."

A Note for Conservative Women

From Your Friends on the Left

This girl is full of liberalism.

Isn't internalized misogyny a bear?

Laci Green, one of YouTube’s best known personalities whose left-leaning videos about sex and gender have an immense following, posted “Taking The Red Pill?”

  Green’s relatively tame confession of discomfort with feminists who shut down opposing views, as well as the revelation that she was dating an anti-SJW YouTuber, enraged her fans.

  They waged an online campaign against her and reportedly “doxxed” her — published her personal information on the internet.

-Elizabeth Ames Go To Site