The city that brings us such cultural gems as the Folsom Street Fair is now bringing yet another display of cultural lewdness: the hook up truck! Go To Site

Current Communist Goals as revealed by Dr. Cleon Skousen in The Naked Communist, written in 1958 and read into the Congressional Record in 1963:


  26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."
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In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio is pushing to fine businesses that do not address customers by their “preferred name, pronoun and title (e.g., Ms./Mrs.) regardless of the individual’s sex assigned at birth, anatomy, gender, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on the individual’s identification.” The NYC Commission on Human Rights can penalize offenders up to $250,000. -Jonah Goldberg Go To Site

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The United Kingdom’s Labour Party has devolved into infighting over the politically correct way of describing women, with one camp insisting that women exist, and the other choosing instead to claim that men can also have cervixes.

  The dissension began when MP Rosie Duffield voiced her opposition to erasing women, and was subsequently accused of being a “transphobe” when she suggested that only women have cervixes...

  Breitbart reports that Duffield has faced a barrage of threats from transgender activists, forcing her to retreat from this week’s Labour Party conference in Brighton.

  Duffield told the Sunday Times that most of the threats she received came from male feminist allies.

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B.C. health officials are recommending an age-old, occasionally cutting-edge tactic for sex during the coronavirus pandemic: “glory holes.”

  The B.C. Centre for Disease Control added new recommendations for socially distant sex to its COVID-19 website this week. One of those tips was to try using a “glory hole” — a hole cut into a wall that’s only large enough for a penis to slip through.

  Glory holes are typically used for anonymous oral or penetrative sex, according to Urban Dictionary, but they’re also an excellent way to limit physical contact during intercourse, the B.C. CDC says.

  “Use barriers, like walls (e.g., glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact,” the health organization writes on its website.

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Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada recently hosted its first-ever drag queen show at one of its on-base dining and entertainment clubs, according a base spokesperson.

  Nellis Air Force Base said in an email statement to Breitbart News:

  Nellis Air Force Base and the 99th Air Base Wing hosted its first-ever drag show Thursday, June 17, at the Nellis Club. The event was sponsored by a private organization and provided an opportunity for attendees to learn more about the history and significance of drag performance art within the LGBT+ community.

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Hospitals in the United Kingdom have begun using the term “chestfeeding” instead of “breastfeeding,” just years after U.S. academics published a study in which they argued that the promotion of breastfeeding as the "natural" way to feed a child has many negative societal effects.

  In early 2021, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals in the United Kingdom drew international criticism for swapping the word “breastfeeding” for “chestfeeding” in an attempt to be more inclusive of transgender individuals.

  Likewise, Harvard Medical School referred to women as “birthing people” in an effort to “include those who identify as non-binary or transgender," as Campus Reform previously reported.

Every year at the end of March, 20,000 lesbians from around the world fly into the Californian desert for five days of debauchery, and I’m one of them. It’s my second time at the Dinah, also known as the largest girl festival in the world... “Flashing is normal,” Charlotte, 24, told me. “I get flashed at a lot.” Random girls pulling you into their hotel rooms are also pretty standard. -Arwa Mahdawi Go To Site

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A mother and business owner was forced to end her Brazilian waxing business after being taken to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal for refusing to wax a transgender woman’s male genitalia.

  Maria Da Silva, who is an immigrant from Brazil operated the business out of her home where her small children also live. Da Silva claims she refused to perform the procedure on the claimant, Jessica Yaniv, due to safety concerns raised by her husband and alleged harassment on Yaniv’s part and not because of the claimant’s identity.

  Yaniv, who was formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv, has taken fifteen other B.C. women to the tribunal for refusing to wax her male genitalia citing discrimination based on gender identity and is seeking financial compensation. Many of the woman are of East Asian ethnicity and have English as their second language.

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A recently published academic article examines “exosexuals’ encounters with the natural environment.” In a new academic piece published in the journal Feminist Theory, Professor Lauran Whitworth of St. Mary’s College of Maryland defines the increasingly popular term “ecosexual.”...

  In a particularly bizarre portion of the piece, Whitworth writes about how defecating outside is a form of “ecosexuality.” According to her, “ecosexuality celebrates the carnal and grotesque, particularly in some of its campiest moments.”

  Breitbart News has reported on “ecosexuals” throughout their rise in popularity in feminist circles. In November 2016, Breitbart News reported that “ecosexuals” were masturbating under waterfalls and trees to save the planet. In September 2017, Breitbart News reported that a UC Santa Cruz professor was encouraging her students to have sex with the earth in order to preserve it. In April 2018, Breitbart News reported on a University of Michigan professor that wrote about the importance of “talking erotically to plants.”

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A workshop at Harvard University on Tuesday night delved into the ins and outs of anal sex, with a presenter denouncing the “stupidity of abstinence” and the joys of “putting things in your butt,” according to a College Fix reporter who attended the event.

  The workshop was held as part of the Ivy League university’s Sex Week, which launched Monday and runs through Nov. 12. Titled “What What in the Butt: Anal 101,” the event drew nearly 50 students...

  “Come up front guys, were gonna have some dirty fun,” she said as the presentation began.

  Noting “not all men have penises, not all women have vaginas,” she added “the butthole is the great sexual equalizer. All humans have a butthole.”

ABC News:

"The Feminist Drag Queen Women Need"


"What's great about DragCon is that a lot of kids who love drag are too young to see it in the bars," explained Cracker.


Sex With Your Brother


Perfume From My Vagina


Keep the hell away from my daughter, you liberal degenerates.

Could spritzing vagina juice on myself in place of Gypsy Water or Daisy actually take my romantic relationships to the next level? I happened to have a pretty empty weekend on my hands, so I got to researching. -Allison Ramirez

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UK Facebook users can now choose from one of 71 gender options, including asexual, polygender and two-spirit person, following the feature's successful integration in the US. Users can choose a different gender option from the previous male and female choices by selecting 'custom' in the gender tab of their profiles.

  Facebook worked with UK groups Press for Change and Gendered Intelligence to add 21 new options to ensure the list best reflected the ways UK users may choose to describe themselves.

There Is No Consensus Criteria For Assigning Sex At Birth...

"It’s not possible to know a person's gender identity at birth, and there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth."

The 35-year-old says she thought of an orgy after becoming increasingly fed-up with people assuming there must be something wrong with her libido just because she is in a wheelchair as she has spinal muscular atrophy. And also because those who organize orgies do not cater for the disabled, she says. Go To Site

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When the officiant at the ceremony says “you may now kiss the groom”, Victor Hugo Prada will have to choose which of the two men standing with him he’ll kiss first: Manuel or Alejandro. The ceremony, planned for Colombia in the coming months, will celebrate the first legalised union of three men in the country – and possibly the world.

“We want to make what’s intimate, public,” says Prada...

My Sex Junk

Bill Nye The Degeneracy Guy

"Saves The World"

My vagina has its own voice...

'Cause my sex junk Is so, oh, oh, oh...

Versatile love may have Some butt stuff...

I'm down for anything...

Even you might like it If you sit up on it...

Just do what feels right...

Sex how you want It's your g-d right...

"That's exactly the right message, Rachel.

Nice job."

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A pair of gay rights activists who were invited to the White House for a first-ever gay pride event last Friday stirred a controversy after being photographed giving President Ronald Reagan’s official portrait the middle finger...

  During the Friday reception, a transgender man also dropped down on one knee and proposed to his partner, while two women were photographed making out on a couch under Reagan’s portrait. The incendiary photos featuring Reagan-flipping images surfaced online when Hart posted his photo on Facebook with the caption: ‘F--- Reagan.’

The Degeneracy of the New York Times

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As part of International Women’s Day (March 8), feminist protestors simulated a bloody abortion on a woman dressed as the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, outside the cathedral in Tucuman, Argentina. The protestors, according to Life Site News, which reported the incident in the English language press, cheered the fake abortion as symbolically killing “patriarchy” and “forced heterosexuality.”

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The American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) encouraged attendees of its winter summit to wear “pronoun stickers” in order to “reduce instances of misgendering.” Organizers of the seasonal gathering were apparently so concerned about the prospect of “misgendering” that they even cautioned participants entering the meeting to “get [their] pronoun sticker!”

  The sign goes on to explain that in addition to the standard “she/her/hers and he/him/his” pronouns, other “pronoun sets include they/them/theirs and ze/zir/zirs,” each of which “includes subjective, objective, and possessive cases.”

It's amazing how selfish and entitled our sexual culture is becoming. People act as though their sexual urges are far more important than the lives of their children — if they are thinking of their children at all. The idea that our sexual urges must be harnessed and restrained for the well being of others we love is totally foreign to the progressive good-timers who form these so very modern relationships. "What will make me happy right now?" is as deep as the reasoning goes. -Nathan Harden Go To Site

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Oxford University is encouraging students to use the gender-neutral pronoun 'ze' instead of 'she and 'he'. The students' union wrote in a leaflet that the move was intended to reduce the risk of transgender students being offended. Students hope that the use of ‘ze’ will continue into university lectures and seminars, reported The Sunday Times. According to Oxford University's behaviour code, using the wrong pronoun to define a transgender person is an offence.

The 2016 VIDA Count Intersectional Survey

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Jennifer Reed, a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is writing a dissertation on ecosexuality, and says that the number of people who identify as ecosexuals has increased markedly in the past two years. And Google search data confirms that interest in the term has spiked dramatically over the past year. We may look back on 2016 as the year ecosexuality hit the mainstream...

  On one end, it encompasses people who try to use sustainable sex products, or who enjoy skinny dipping and naked hiking. On the other are "people who roll around in the dirt having an orgasm covered in potting soil," she said. "There are people who f*** trees, or masturbate under a waterfall."

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Madonna is pledging to perform oral sex on voters who cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton. The pop queen, known for her shocking antics, made the remark Tuesday while opening for comedian Amy Schumer in New York.

  “If you vote for Hillary Clinton,” Madonna told the crowd at Madison Square Garden, “I will give you a blow job.” “And I’m good,” the 58-year-old “Like a Virgin” singer, an outspoken supporter of the Democratic presidential nominee, said to cheers from the audience. “I’m not a tool. I take my time,” Madonna boasted.

University of Kansas Libraries

Buttons for employees, visitors to display preferred gender pronouns


What's the Matter With Kansas?

"Because gender is, itself, fluid and up to the individual," a posted sign at the libraries explains. "Each person has the right to identify their own pronouns, and we encourage you to ask before assuming someone's gender. Pronouns matter!

Misgendering someone can have lasting consequences, and using the incorrect pronoun can be hurtful, disrespectful, and invalidate someone's identity.

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Florida congressional candidate Joe Garcia – a Democrat – said something truly weird and disgusting about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton recently. At a campaign event at a Key West campaign office on Saturday, Garcia described Clinton by saying she was "under no illusions that you want to have sex with her, or that she's going to seduce you."

The stars have aligned to present two of the most loathsome Democrats we have witnessed in a long time, Twitter-sex addict, Anthony Weiner who at this writing is still running for Mayor of New York and Bob Filner, Mayor of San Diego, a serial groper who gives no sign of resigning. Is it just a coincidence that both current offenders of the public’s sense of decency are both Democrats? -Alan Caruba, Canada Free Press Go To Site

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Forget being transgender like Caitlyn Jenner or transracial like Rachel Dolezal, there’s a new “trans” frontier: people who are transage. In an interview with the gay news site The Daily Xtra, Stefonknee (formerly Paul) Wolscht details his struggles with being a male-to-female transgender person.

  The Daily Xtra video, however, glosses over a tiny bit of important information about Wolscht: he thinks he is actually a six year-old girl—not just a woman, but a six year-old girl—stuck in the body of a 50-something man. At age 46, Wolscht deserted his wife and his seven children to live his “true” life.

Gay Marriage 2015:

Liberals Win The Debate

Sataneriffic, ladies. #LoveWins

Liberals press forward their debate with Christianity.

Score a big "W" for the Forces of Tolerance...

Hoping you don't find out for real, pal.

Welcome to the mainstream! No longer will your opinions be excluded from the public square.

Sanctifying Perversion.

"If you are among the many Americans -- of whatever sexual orientation -- who favor expanding same-sex marriage, by all means celebrate today's decision. Celebrate the achievement of a desired goal. Celebrate the opportunity for a new expression of commitment to a partner. Celebrate the availability of new benefits. But do not celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it." -Washington Post, John Roberts’s "full-throated" gay marriage dissent

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It could be one of sex's final frontiers. In what may be a world-first, Toronto is to host an accessible orgy for disabled people, reports the Toronto Sun. The "Deliciously Disabled" sex night will take place in a theater in the Canadian city... Fellow organizer Andrew Morrison-Gurza was more candid: "A wheelchair can become just a big sex toy." The orgy will take place on August 14, at the same time Toronto is hosting the Parapan Am Games.

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A CBS4 investigation has learned that two Transportation Security Administration screeners at Denver International Airport have been fired after they were discovered manipulating passenger screening systems to allow a male TSA employee to fondle the genital areas of attractive male passengers. It happened roughly a dozen times, according to information gathered by CBS4.

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Syphilis in the city is on the rise, and health officials aren’t sure why... The disease has shown a steady increase long-term as well with 1,167 reported cases in 2013, compared with 117 cases in 2000. Chelsea is the most hard-hit area... anonymous sexual hook-ups through the Internet are a hurdle to prevention because partners often don’t stay in touch. Officials said the “vast majority” of syphilis cases are among men “who have sex with men.”

Sexual Degeneracy In The Great White North...

Degeneracy, Canadian Style!

Now that the Ontario Liberal Party has a majority in government and no election is in sight, Premier Kathleen Wynne has "coincidentally" announced that in the fall of 2015, she will reintroduce the graphic Sex Ed Curriculum that had outraged parents in 2010.

  Back then, parents and religious leaders came out angrily against Liberal plans to teach early grades about age-inappropriate topics like masturbation, anal sex, vaginal lubrication, and the idea that being male or female is merely a “social construct”.

Swedes can be remarkably thorough in their pursuit of gender parity. A few years ago, a feminist political party proposed a law requiring men to sit while urinating—less messy and more equal. In 2004, the leader of the Sweden's Left Party Feminist Council, Gudrun Schyman,proposed a "man tax"—a special tariff to be levied on men to pay for all the violence and mayhem wrought by their sex. In April 2012, following the celebration of International Women's Day, the Swedes formally introduced the genderless pronoun "hen" to be used in place of he and she (han and hon). - Christina Hoff Sommers Go To Site

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Denee Mallon marveled at the view of Lake Michigan from her hospital bed in the Windy City, where she had just made history: the then 74-year-old transgender woman underwent a milestone sex reassignment surgery she’d sought for decades…. Her operation will be one of the first paid for by Medicare after she won a challenge in May to end the government insurance program’s ban on covering such procedures for transgender individuals.

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The University of South Carolina (USC) recently held its annual “Ms. Gaymecock Pageant” where students competed for the title of best amateur drag queen and a guaranteed spot in USC’s biggest drag show, The Birdcage. The winner of the contest, Ms. Gaymecock Ebony Would, told the Daily Gamecock that, “[t]his is the single most important thing I can do for my community.”

"The best thing about drag is that it is a uniquely LGBT art form that everybody can enjoy and appreciate,” Sherrell told Campus Reform.

Liberal, Sex, Degeneracy

A transgender couple are preparing to tell their children when they get get older that their father actually gave birth to them and the person that they call their mother is in fact their father. Bianca and Nick Bowser are a happily married couple and live in Kentucky with their two young sons. Nick, 27, was born a girl, called Nicole, but for the last seven years has lived as a man. Bianca, 32, who is a drag artist, was born as a boy called Jason, and transitioned to live as a woman 11 years ago.

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Britain is to get its first NHS-funded national sperm bank to make it easier for lesbian couples and single women to have children. For as little as £300 – less than half the cost of the service at a private clinic – they will be able to search an online database and choose an anonymous donor on the basis of his ethnicity, height, profession and even hobbies. The bank, which is due to open in October, will then send out that donor’s sperm to a clinic of the client’s choice for use in trying for a baby.

On Thursday, President Barack Obama suffered a diplomatic slip in a joint press conference with President Macky Sall of Senegal when he urged African nations to accept gay marriage. Sall countered that his country was tolerant but would not decriminalize homosexuality, much less provide for gay marriage. Go To Site

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Grammar teachers may need to amend their lesson plans after the Vancouver school board approved Monday a policy change that welcomes a brand-new string of pronouns into Vancouver public schools: “xe, xem, and xyr.” The pronouns are touted as alternatives to he/she, him/her, and his/hers, and come as last-minute amendments to the board’s new policy aimed at better accommodating transgender students in schools.

Stylin' Down at the Airport

Degeneracy and perversion, with sensible shoes.

The Democratic Party platform drafting committee approved on Sunday language endorsing same-sex marriage in addition to other pro-LGBT positions as part of the Democratic Party platform, according to two sources familiar with the drafting process.

H/T: @grindingdude

Liberal, Degeneracy, Gay

In California, it may soon be legal for gay men to list themselves as “mother” on birth certificates, and similarly, for lesbians to cite themselves as “father.” Or, the gay parent could simply opt for the more generic label of “parent,” The Associated Press reported. That’s because lawmakers on Thursday passed through the state Assembly with a 51-13 vote a measure to “modernize” the definition of the family to reflect same-sex unions.

Liberal, Crime, Sex, Degeneracy, Education

A 72-year-old substitute teacher at Westhill High School was put on suicide watch after he was allegedly caught masturbating in a school hallway while looking at school children Wednesday morning shortly after the school day began. According to police, at about 7:33 a.m. Michael Luecke was spotted lying on the floor by a teacher's assistant who thought he was injured. When she got closer, she realized the man had his hand in his pants and he was fully aroused, police said.

Character, Sex, Degeneracy, Academia, Feminism, Gay

This self-professed “male feminist” and pornography fan can now officially claim the title of “the most famous college professor in the world” following an epic sex-filled rant on Twitter. In his stream of more than 130 tweets in an hour on Friday, Pasadena City College history professor Hugo Schwyzer claimed he planned to have sex with porn star James Deen during the adult-film actor’s guest lecture on campus earlier this year. “Yes, I wanted to have my students watch me screw James Deen,” he tweeted.

But for the world's drag artists, it also struck a blow for gender tolerance, says Gillian Orr.

Conchita Wurst: "A great ambassador for gender diversity"

Uh huh.Arriving back in Vienna, Wurst (real name Tom Neuwirth) was met by fans brandishing rainbow signs bearing such tributes as "Conchita Queen of Love + Tolerance". Wurst used her return to the capital to speak to the waiting press about open-mindedness.

THE German government is about to reintroduce a ban on bestiality, after pressure from animal welfare groups. Newspaper die Tageszeitung reports that the governing coalition are soon to amend the country's Animal Welfare Act to make sex with animals punishable with a fine of up to 25,000 euros ($31,000). Bestiality was legalised in Germany in 1969, the same year that gay sex was also removed from the criminal code. After that, sex with animals was only punishable if the animal was severely injured. Go To Site

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DOJ employees were emailed a brochure called "LGBT Inclusion at Work: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers." The brochure was created as a resource from DOJ Pride, an association of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees of the DOJ. A Department of Justice spokesperson did not return calls seeking comment. Fox News also reached out to DOJ Pride for comment – but emails were not answered. Among the directives in the brochure is an order for workers to vocally affirm homosexuality. "Don’t judge or remain silent," the brochure read. "Silence will be interpreted as disapproval."

Liberal, Character, Sex, Degeneracy

New York City health officials are urging some men to get vaccinated against meningitis amid an outbreak that has sickened 22 New Yorkers and killed seven. The dangerous strain of bacterial meningitis appears to be spreading through sexual encounters between men who meet through websites or smartphone apps, or at bars or parties, according to the City’s health department. More than half of the infected men have had HIV, a virus that attacks the immune system making infections more likely and more severe.

Democrat, Liberal, Government, Character, Sex, Degeneracy, Oops

State Rep. Ernest Hewett (D) of Connecticut made a rather odd remark to a 17-year-old witness talking about overcoming her shyness while talking about the Connecticut Science Center. “If you’re bashful,” he said, “I got a snake sitting under my desk here.” He did not, at the time, have an actual snake under his desk. Hewett has been stripped of his leadership title and issued an apology.

Liberal, Sex, Degeneracy

A Toronto-based web site is raising eyebrows and revenues, with a racy new billboard at Clark and Ontario. The site is With the words ”The best job is a b***w job” and an image of retired porn star Bree Olson, it promises to help people find not-so-traditional relationships. Web site officials say they chose Chicago for the clever play on words because of the city’s high unemployment rate. Just a few feet from the billboard, parents take their children to the Rainforest Café and the Rock ‘n Roll McDonald’s.

The Democratic Party platform drafting committee approved on Sunday language endorsing same-sex marriage in addition to other pro-LGBT positions as part of the Democratic Party platform, according to two sources familiar with the drafting process. Go To Site

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A recent guest lecture at Swarthmore College by a prominent homosexual seminary professor highlighted a growing argument among the so-called queer community that Jesus was bisexual. In particular, the Rev. Patrick Cheng, a professor at the Episcopal Divinity School in Massachusetts, told the students that Jesus was a subversive person and God’s way of “queering the world,” so to speak. Cheng said Christ was “always coming out in the gospels” and that “Christ is God coming out.”

Degeneracy, Gay

The Washington National Cathedral had been ready to embrace same-sex marriage for some time, though it took a series of recent events and a new leader for the prominent, 106-year-old church to announce Wednesday that it would begin hosting such nuptials.

Liberal, Degeneracy

Gay adult star Josh Weston (real name Chad) has died aged 39. He had previously starred in a string of bareback porn films for a variety of different porn houses. Hot House, who produced some of the work he appeared in confirmed Weston’s death on their blog writing: “Adult Superstar Josh Weston succumbed to HIV-related complications on Sunday, December 16. He was 39 years old.

Liberal, Character, Sex, Degeneracy, Oops, Healthcare

The study surveyed the city’s 181 ZIP codes for rates of HIV/AIDS, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and hepatitis B, as well as two non-sexually-transmitted diseases – hepatitis C and tuberculosis. The diseases often occur among the same populations, the study noted. The study said 33 percent of all the ZIP codes in New York City were in the top quintile for multiple sexually-transmitted diseases during a survey taken in 2010.

"EcoSexual Sextravaganza" Trip

Marry and Have Sex with the Ocean

Maritime Degenerates.

A professor at Santa Monica College took a group of students on an “EcoSexual Sextravaganza” trip earlier this month, during which they “married the ocean” and were encouraged to “consummate” that marriage. Why?

Well, as one of its organizers, a professor named Amber Katherine, told Campus Reform, it was to get students to love the environment more through “exocentric passion and even lust.

[But the]...belief that homosexual acts are immoral is not the same kind of claim as the belief that black people are inferior because they are black. When we deem homosexual acts immoral, we are not stigmatizing a class of persons; we're exercising our moral reason about the rightness and wrongness of actions. Unlike racism, principled opposition to homosexual rights has a firm basis. It's normal to judge behavior, including...sexual behavior. That's why describing homosexual acts as immoral is not at all like calling black men and women inferior. -R. R. Reno Go To Site

Liberal, Sex, Degeneracy

"For several years, we have found that the gender debate has grown so strong in the Swedish market that we ... have had to adjust," Jan Nyberg, director of sales at Top Toy, franchise-holder for US toy chain Toys R Us, said. The country's advertising watchdog reprimanded the company for gender discrimination three years ago following complaints over outdated gender roles in the 2008 Christmas catalogue, which featured boys dressed as superheroes and girls playing princess.

Democrat, Crime, Character, Sex, Degeneracy, Convict

An office manager for the state Senate Democrats is moonlighting with her husband to run an erotic dance events business for swingers. The couple, Janis and Carlos Gonzalez, are the son and daughter-in-law of convicted ex-Bronx state Sen. Efrain Gonzalez. The two started a company called Capital District Couples Network several years ago to offer couples tired of strip and sex clubs another alternative, Carlos Gonzalez said.


Democrat Senator Al Franken: Groper

"How dare anyone grab my breasts like this and think it's funny?" -Leeann Tweeden

Degeneracy, Socialism

PARIS — If France’s new Socialist government has its way, mothers and fathers will cease to exist — in legal papers, that is. Legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage and give homosexual couples the right to adopt children also would replace the terms “mother” and “father” with “parent 1” and “parent 2” in all legal documents, including birth certificates.

Liberal, Incitement, Character, Sex, Degeneracy, Misogyny, Education, Abortion, Feminism, Gay, Tolerance

The Planned Parenthood page features "Sextra Credit 2" from MTV Voices with Francisco Ramirez, a gay activist and "sexual health" expert who proclaimed: “A lot of people define slut as someone who has too much sex or too many partners – but according to who?” Ramirez asks as he makes a dramatic face. “The slut fairy?” Ramirez shared the “positive” side to being called a slut. “But did you know that some people use slut in a positive way? They use it to define a woman who is confident in her sexuality and being the sexual being that she is.” he said. “I personally think there’s a little bit of slut in all of us. So embrace it!”

The university has ended the popular Human Sexuality course that, for the past, 20 years has entertained and informed students because of a February demonstration that involved a motorized sex toy penetrating a female guest. Go To Site

Liberal, Narrative, Gay

Regnerus' analysis identified 175 now-adult children who said they were raised by a lesbian mother, along with 73 who said their father was in a same-sex relationship. Focusing on the larger sample, the study found respondents whose mother had a same-sex relationship fared worse on 24 of the 40 tested outcomes, compared with children of an intact heterosexual couple. Sixty-nine percent of children of lesbian mothers reported that their family received public assistance, such as welfare, at some point, compared with 17 percent from intact biological families. About half of children of an intact biological family said they were employed full-time, compared with 26 percent of those born to a lesbian mother. Fourteen percent of kids of a lesbian mom spent time in foster care at some point, compared with 2 percent of the rest of the children studied.

Sex, Degeneracy, Smears, Academia, Gay

Gronk was taking questions from URI students at Edwards Auditorium, when one decided to play a controversial game with him. The game, which can’t be named here, presents the contestant with the names of three people. The contestant is asked to choose which one to marry, which one to “have a roll in the hay with,” and which one to kill. Gronkowski’s choices: Betty White, Jets head coach Rex Ryan, and Ryan’s new quarterback, Tim Tebow. “I would ‘F’ Tebow, to take his virginity,” Gronk told the audience. That grew a big laugh from the crowd, although it’s not clear who the Pats tight end chose for the other two options.

San Francisco Transgender Pride March

June 2016

Anti-American degenerates.

Anti-American degenerates

A video taken at a transgender pride march in San Francisco shows participants in the march burning an American flag.

Liberal, Crime, Character, Degeneracy, Protest, Adult, Metaphor

Zot L. Szurgot allegedly walked out of her house naked, turned to five of her neighbors and started wagging her penis. Szurgot, a 52-year-old transgender man who identifies as both a man and a woman, was arrested Wednesday by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office for indecent exposure and lewd behavior. Of the five people who saw Szurgot’s sexual equipment, one was a 10-year-old boy. Another was his 4-year-old sister.

Government, Incompetence, Sex, Degeneracy, Education, Adult

TALLULAH, La. (CBS Houston) – A teacher at Tallulah Elementary School lost her job after not noticing two third graders participating in oral sex under their desks. The News-Star is reporting that the teacher was fired for not keeping a proper eye on her students, as the incident occurred under her watch.

“If you vote for Hillary Clinton I will give you a blow job. And I’m good. I’m not a tool. I take my time.”

PHOENIX - A middle school teacher is one of two Valley men arrested for using a popular Internet website to connect with people offering their dogs for sexual acts with humans. Twenty-five-year-old Patrick Stephen Trejo's students at Raul Castro Middle School knew him as a good music teacher.
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In Sweden, expressing a moral objection to homosexuality is illegal, even on religious grounds, even in church, and a pastor minded to cite the more robust verses of Leviticus would risk four years in jail.

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Kevin Jennings, the founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, was teaching high school in Concord, Mass., in 1988 when the boy, a sophomore, confessed an involvement with a man he had met in a bus station bathroom in Boston. Jennings has written that he told the boy, "I hope you knew to use a condom."

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Prostitution is legal in Germany, but collecting taxes from streetwalkers requires some creative efforts. In Bonn, officials have unveiled a meter that prostitutes must pay roughly $8 into each night to get a nightly permit to practice the world's oldest profession. Freelance sex workers get an automated ticket, much like a parking slip, according to Der Spiegel. Officials say taxing prostitutes who work out of fixed locations is simple, but streetwalkers could easily avoid duties.

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But before you shed a tear for Yale or its feminists, consider the role that both have played in saturating the campus with vulgar sexuality. In an effort to foster "dialogue" and "acceptance" of every possible sexual choice or act, they've drenched students, faculty and administrators in images and vocabulary of graphic sexuality. The Women's Center has hosted screenings of lesbian pornography, workshops on drag and talks about "sex toys and how to get the most out of them."

According to detectives, the three suspects drove to a prearranged location intending to commit bestiality with the dog. The owner of the golden shepherd was an undercover detective, according to the Sheriff's Office. Go To Site

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San Francisco hosted its first SlutWalk on Saturday, August 6.

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Frank Lombard is the associate director of Duke’s Center for Health Policy. The university administrator was recently arrested by the FBI and charged with offering up his adopted 5-year-old son for sex. The detective who wisely looked into the suspicious screen name says that Lombard admitted to molesting his own adopted son. All this was before allegedly inviting a stranger to travel to North Carolina from another state to statutorily rape his already-molested adopted son.

While other cities are slashing employee benefits, Berkeley is slated to add one more: paying for sex-change operations.

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The university has ended the popular Human Sexuality course that, for the past, 20 years has entertained and informed students because of a February demonstration that involved a motorized sex toy penetrating a female guest.

On March 11, 1974, ABC aired Marlo Thomas’ “Free to Be…You and Me” — a musical program celebrating gender-free children. Thomas and her fellow co-neutralists envisioned a world where the sex distinction would melt away. Instead of “males” and “females,” there would be mutually respectful, non-gendered human persons. Go To Site

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“Our colleagues are meeting with human rights activists, health authorities, youth activists, sex workers, the full range of people who are involved in and working to protect LGBT people’s rights and lives,” Clinton said. “This is people-to-people diplomacy at its best.”

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Diaz said he and his family have received death threats due to his vocal stance on keeping gay marriage unlawful in New York State. They were reported to the FBI and Albany police, he said. On May 10, tweets by opponents of Diaz's May 15 rally included one in which the sender expressed the desire to sexually assault Diaz's daughter.

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ST. PAUL, Minnesota — In a legal effort to help a U.S. senator, the American Civil Liberties Union is arguing that people who have sex in public bathrooms have an expectation of privacy.

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New Yorkers can take their pick at the city's public libraries, thanks to a policy that gives adults the most uncensored access to extreme, hard-core Internet smut this side of the old Times Square. The electronic smut falls under the heading of free speech and the protection of the First Amendment, library officials say.

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Anthony Weiner's latest online mistress Sydney Leathers may have been exposed to the HIV virus while filming her recent porn movie, it emerged today. The adult film industry in San Fernando Valley in California announced a moratorium on the making of porn films on Wednesday after an actor tested positive for HIV - sending shockwaves through the porn industry. The woman - who has now been named as Cameron Bay - revealed she shot her most recent sex scene with Xander Corvus, the man who played Anthony Weiner alongside Leathers in her porn debut Weiner And Me, released yesterday.

They want into our daughters bathrooms.

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In Loudoun County, Virginia, the school board has been under fire for covering up the sexual assault of a female student by a gender-fluid male student. In May, the male student wore a skirt and followed the girl into the girls’ restroom, where the assault took place. -Matt Margolis

Men Competing In Womens Sports

Men Competing In Womens Sports

In 2017, American sprinter CeCe Telfer was ranked 390th among male NCAA Division II athletes in 400m hurdles. In 2018, Telfer transitioned, and in 2019, Telfer was national NCAA Division II women’s 400m champion. -Piers Morgan