Figure 1: DLC uses violent imagery to target Republicans.

Eliminationist Rhetoric Targeting Donald Trump

"Nope, getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the whitehouse that suits you mother******. I’ll find you." -Matt Harrigan, CEO of PacketSled regarding Donald Trump

Left-wing America has been overcome by another contagious epidemic of assassination fascination. It's time to declare a public health crisis.

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Breaking a major social taboo, elements of the left have openly put a target on a sitting president and too many mainstream Democrats have been silent.

  Think Kathy Griffin’s severed head. Think Madonna telling a rally she thinks about blowing up the White House. Think Shakespeare in the Park using a Trump stand-in for Julius Caesar — and the audience loving the blood lust.

  Did a single leading Democrat denounce any of these outrages as dangerous incitement?

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Comedian George Lopez responded to news of a call on Iranian state television for an $80 million bounty on President Donald Trump’s head by saying “We’ll do it for half.”

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A Canadian woman suspected of sending President Donald Trump a package containing the poison ricin told the president in an accompanying letter to “give up and remove your application for this election,” court papers said according to the Associated Press.

  Pascale Ferrier, 53 of Quebec, was arrested Sunday at the border crossing in New York State while trying to enter the U.S. from Canada. Ferrier is due to make her first court appearance Tuesday afternoon in a federal court in Buffalo and faces a charge of threatening the president...

  “So I made a ‘special gift’ for you to make a decision. This gift is in this letter,” she wrote, according to the affidavit. “If it doesn’t work, I’ll find better recipe for another poison, or I might use my gun when I’ll be able to come,” the letter said.

Fran Lebowitz: Kill Trump


Berin Szóka

Trump Death Would Be Poetic Justice

Serious question. Is liberalisn more deadly?

Serious question: could there possibly be any greater poetic justice in the universe than for Trump to die of the #CPACvirus?

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CBS crime drama The Good Fight tweeted an image on Friday from a recent episode, entitled, “The One Where Diane Joins the Resistance.” The image showed a character pointing to a list of “target words” that included the phrases “Assassinate President Trump” and “Eliminate Mar-a-Lago.” The tweet, which has since been deleted, sparked backlash among Twitter users, many of whom reported CBS to the Secret Service...

  “Threatening the President of the United States is a federal felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making ‘any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President’” said one Twitter user in a reply to the CBS account.


Assassinate President Trump


April, 2019

Democrat: Hang Trump...

 "Let's give him a fair trial and hang him."

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Broadway legend Carole Cook suggested that President Donald Trump should be assassinated when she jokingly asked where John Wilkes Booth was when people needed him.

  The 94-year-old actress referred to Booth - the man behind Abraham Lincoln's assassination - when questioned about President Trump by TMZ in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

'Where is John Wilkes Booth when you need him?' Cook said referring to the actor who shot dead Lincoln in Washington DC in 1865.

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The Denver Post published a letter to the editor suggesting President Donald Trump should be executed for treason.

  The letter criticized the president and Sen. Cory Gardner (R., Colo.) following Trump's summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, and said Soviet spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who passed atomic bomb secrets to Moscow, were executed for "far less."...

  Gagnon then compared Trump to the Rosenbergs, who were tried and put to death for espionage in 1953. She said there are "many more actions" that should be taken against Trump.

  "If it walks like a traitor, and talks like a traitor, and acts like a traitor … it is a traitor," Gagnon said. "Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were executed on a basis of far less evidence than is had on Trump and many in his administration."

Liberal Calls for Stabbing Death of President Trump...

"Another thing that happened under Julius Caesar, he was such a powerful maniac that all the senators grabbed knives, and they stabbed him to death. That would be an interesting thing if we brought that back now."

In the last month celebrities from Bill Maher to Cher have wished the worst, most vile things on the current president.

  Maher hoped First Lady Melania Trump would divorce her husband. Singer/actress Cher wanted to see Trump impeached, “locked up” and assaulted in prison.

  Author Fran Lebowitz claimed “impeachment” was just the “beginning of what he deserves” as she fantasized that Trump would be turned “over to the Saudis” to be tortured to death.

-Geoffrey Dickens, June 2019 Go To Site

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Law enforcement authorities are searching for a man who's suspected of threatening to shoot President Donald Trump. Shawn Richard Christy, of McAdoo, Pennsylvania, was last seen in Cumberland, Maryland, Sunday night driving a stolen vehicle, according to the authorities.

  The US Marshals Service is offering $20,000 for information leading to Christy's arrest. Christy has been wanted on a June 19 federal warrant, accused of posting threats on Facebook against the President and Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli.

  According to officials, Christy posted, "Keep it up Morganelli, I promise I'll put a bullet in your head as soon as I put one in the head of President Donald J. Trump."

Eliminationist Rhetoric from Academia...

"If you're going to shoot him, you have to shoot to kill."

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Pearl Jam promoted their recent Missoula, Montana concert Monday with a poster that depicted the White House on fire and a bald eagle picking at President Donald Trump’s corpse. The band’s bassist, Jeff Ament, designed it with his artist friend Bobby Brown, who is known online as Bobby Draws Skullz.

  The band posted the poster to its social media Tuesday with a note from Ament explaining the motivation behind it. “Y’all know the deal,” he wrote under a sketch of the poster. “We’re at a tipping point, and it’s time for action.”

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T-shirts that depict the president hanging by a noose made from his signature red tie are being advertised via Facebook and the social-media company’s subsidiary Instagram. The shirts are part of new clothing line called “Hanging With Trump,” reports the Gateway Pundit blog.

An explanation on an Instagram page states: “Political Statement + Satire = Protected by Free Speech. We Donate For Every Shirt to support our women, children and elderly.” The seller also is using the popular fundraising site Indie Go Go to raise cash and serve as a point of sale.

Waters: "Knock Off" The President...

"There are those who say, 'What if we get rid of him? Then we've got that Vice President and he'll be worse.' I say knock off the first one and then go after the second one. We have the power."

Portland Oregon

Left-Wing Incitment To Murder


An art gallery in Portland, Oregon, is facing backlash online after displaying a poster depicting President Donald Trump being beheaded in its front window.

Can Someone Please Kill Trump?


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A Democratic state senator in Missouri is facing resignation calls for posting on Facebook Thursday that she hopes President Trump is assassinated.

“I hope Trump is assassinated!” state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal wrote.

Former ESPN host and current The Atlantic writer Jemele Hill may be getting a visit from the Secret Service soon as she disgustingly joked about killing Donald Trump during last night’s State of the Union Address.

On Tuesday night, Hill tweeted that Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was in attendance at the SOTU, should yell out “GETCHO HAND OUT MY POCKET.”

That statement is a reference to what one of Malcolm X’s assassins yelled out before they killed the 1960s civil rights leader.

-Geoffrey Dickens

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The Beyoncé professor who wished someone would shoot President Donald Trump reported Monday that a university had fired him before he could even start teaching there.

  Montclair State University fired Kevin Allred, who previously gained prominence for teaching a course on Beyoncé, after the professor said Friday “I wish someone would just shoot [Trump] outright.”...

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Actor Johnny Depp made headlines Thursday for a joke he made about assassinating President Trump. A video from May 2016 shows Depp previously joked about killing Trump while on the BBC's "Graham Norton Show."...

  A joke about assassinating the president made by Depp on Thursday while at the Glastonbury Festival in England was met with nationwide attention. "When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?" the actor said.

Kathy Griffin:

Donald Trump Beheaded

Incitement To Violence from the Left.

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The University of Central Florida Knights for Socialism beat effigies of President Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and presidential adviser Steve Bannon at its “Whack-a-Trump” event Friday. Video footage of the festivities obtained by the East Orlando Post shows students screaming violent profanities and encouraging elementary- and middle school-aged children to join them.

Accidental Incitement to Murder...

Chris Cillizza, a far-left staffer at the anti-Trump CNN, claims that a now-deleted tweet of his that flashed what looked like a rifle's crosshairs over video of President Donald Trump, was an error.

For a whole lot of reasons, this is difficult to believe, especially when you look at the basement-rated CNN's history of "assassination dogwhistles" aimed at the president.

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In the 12 days since Donald Trump took the oath of office, a steady stream of social media posts have called for the new president's assassination. The posts are pretty basic and many are jokes or sarcastic or hyperbolic — but there are a lot of them. In a Dataminr search of Twitter posts since Inauguration Day containing the phrase "assassinate Trump" more than 12,000 tweets came up.

  A Kentucky woman who tweeted, "If someone was cruel enough to assassinate MLK, maybe someone will be kind enough to assassinate Trump," is currently being investigated by the Secret Service, according to the Associated Press.

  An Ohio man tweeted several messages about killing Trump on election night, according to NBC News. The Secret Service questioned him the next day and he was charged with making threats to the then president-elect.

Public School Teacher Fires Toy Gun

At President Trump Image, Yells ‘Die!’

A Texas high school art teacher has been placed on administrative leave after video surfaced showing her “shooting” President Donald Trump inside a classroom while screaming, “Die!”.

Video of the inauguration was being broadcast inside the classroom on a whiteboard. The video shows the teacher lunging at President Trump and firing the squirt gun numerous times while shouting, “Die!” -Todd Starnes

Snoop Dogg’s new video depicting a “mock-assassination” of President Donald Trump is disturbing enough. But it’s part of a dangerous trend of the left fantasizing about the death or assassination of presidents they oppose -- especially Trump.

  It’s terrifying to think the left has devolved from lamenting the JFK assassination to seeing the death of Trump as either political theater or wishful thinking.

-Dan Gainor Go To Site

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Josef Joffe, the editor-publisher of German weekly Die Zeit, suggests the easiest way to end the “Trump catastrophe” is to murder the president in the White House. Joffe joined panel show ARD-Presseclub to answer questions from the public. A viewer called in to ask if it was possible to impeach President Donald Trump and end the “catastrophe.”... Joffe then jumped in with a calm response. “Murder in the White House, for example,” he said.

Woman Tries To Assassinate Trump


The Canadian woman charged with sending a ricin-laced letter to President Trump apparently tweeted a hashtag supportive of killing the commander-in-chief less than two weeks ago.

Pascale Ferrier, of Quebec, was arrested Sunday at the border crossing between Fort Erie, Ontario, and Buffalo, New York, after allegedly mailing a letter addressed to Trump containing the highly toxic substance, according to CBC News.

She was carrying a gun at the time of her arrest at the Peace Bridge crossing, CNN said.  -Lia Eustachewich

Maxine Waters: I will go and take out Trump tonight.

"I'm sitting here listening, watching, absorbing, thinking about Ali even though I never met him. And with this kind of inspiration, I will go and take out Trump tonight."

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The U.S. Secret Service said it is now investigating a Louisville woman after she tweeted suggesting assassinating Donald Trump. A screenshot from Twitter shows that Heather Lowrey tweeted Tuesday, "If someone was cruel enough to assassinate MLK, maybe someone will be kind enough to assassinate Trump. #bekind #trump #lovetrumpshate."

Professor Lars Maischak

California State University, Fresno

Calls for the Death of President Trump

Incitement to assassinate the president from the Left.

"To save American democracy, Trump must hang. The sooner and the higher, the better. #TheResistance #DeathToFascism" -Professor Lars Maischak

February 17, 2017

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A Swedish politician has resigned after asking if anyone could “shoot” Donald Trump. Roland Peterson, a member of the local council in the southeastern city of Kalmar, posted the question on Facebook after he was left dismayed by the new US President’s approach to climate change, the Ostra Smaland newspaper reported.

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The Secret Service has reportedly said they will open an investigation into Madonna after the singer told the Women's March on Washington that she had thought about 'blowing up the White House'. Donning a black p***yhat, the music icon caused controversy by dropping the F-bomb four times, sparking a slew of apologies from broadcasters airing the protest live.

  She went on to speak of her rage at the election result, telling the crowd she had thought a lot about 'blowing up the White House' but knew that it 'wouldn't change anything'.

In Cleveland, unhinged 24-year-old Zachary Benson tweeted his "life goal is to assassinate Trump."

The hashtag #AssassinateTrump surfaced on Twitter, along with a flood of bloodthirsty death wishes.

Professor Lars Maischak

California State University, Fresno

Incitement To Assassinate President Trump

Incitement to assassinate the president from the Left.

"#TheResistance Has anyone started soliciting money and design drafts for a monument honoring the Trump assassin, yet?" -Professor Lars Maischak

February 19, 2017

Meanwhile, as blood still sits on the baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, the Shakespeare in the Park players are getting ready for tonight's bloody performance, where they will symbolically slay the Republican sitting president.

It's About Time

For A Presidential Assassination

Liberal Love.

Monisha Rajesh, The Telegraph Nov 8, 2016

Multiple members of the progressive protest group who gathered outside the White House Sunday threatened President Trump with physical violence and murder...

  When asked, “If Donald Trump showed up here, what would you say or do?” the answers regularly and voluntarily veered to violence. Protesters looked into the camera and threatened to physically harm or “murder the president."

-Benny Johnson
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The man arrested by Miami Beach police Tuesday for allegedly threatening President-elect Donald Trump online is a member of a prominent northeast family close to Bill and Hillary Clinton. He once gave $20,000 to the Democratic National Committee, has learned.

  Puopolo reportedly admitted to posting a video to Twitter, saying: 'This is the 16th of January 2017, I will be at the review/ inauguration and I will kill President Trump, President elect Trump today.'

  Puopolo has published a number of pictures of outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry, whom he calls a friend... He also contributed to Kerry and deceased Sen. Ted Kennedy in the mid-1990s... In Miami, meanwhile, Dom Puopolo was arrested four times for petty crimes since 2006, twice for petty theft and once for defrauding an innkeeper.

Another #AssassinateTrump threat came from Atlanta public transit employee Aleama Philips, who tweeted, "I wish I had the balls to kill him myself," illustrated with a photo of Trump dead and riddled with bullets.

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The gunman who opened fire this morning on Republican congressmen and staffers recently declared in a Facebook post that, “It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”

  The accused shooter, James T. Hodgkinson, 66, posted a link to a petition in late-March that included the notation that, “Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It's Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”

  Hodgkinson’s Facebook page includes numerous photos of Senator Bernie Sanders, whom Hodgkinson appears to have strongly supported during the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.


Liberals Call For Violent Overthrow Of US Government

Sarah Silverman has called for a military coup against President Donald Trump.

Love Trumps Hate...

The left has graduated quickly from producing a song titled, F*** Donald Trump, performed by YG with G-Eazy and pop star Macklemore, and violently attacking Trump supporters.

Now they’re talking about “blowing up the White House,” bringing back would-be presidential assassin John Hinckley or shooting that “motherf***er.”

Trump Must Be Destroyed


Democrat Hopes For Death...

"I hope Trump is assassinated!"

Call for Presidential Assassination


Love, Tolerance, and Incitement to Murder from the Left

Liberal, Election, Hate, Murder, Trump

Just days after Donald Trump won the election, Twitter has erupted with calls for his assassination... 'So who's going to assassinate Trump at his inauguration?' one Twitter user demanded to know. 'I just pray that the first n***a who tries to assassinate Donald Trump don't miss', another added. One joked: 'My mom is talking about assassinate donald trump. watch out guy my white suburban mother is coming for you.'

“Nope, getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the whitehouse that suits you mother******. I’ll find you.”

Liberal, Hate, Incitement, Character, Hollywood, Trump

Charlie Sheen is facing a lot of heat for a tweet he wrote Wednesday night where he asked God to take President-elect Donald Trump next. His tweet, which was seemingly in response to the recent deaths of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds said, "Dear God; Trump next, please!"

We Must Be Rid of Menaces

Impeachment and removal from office are only the first steps; for America to be redeemed, Donald Trump must be prosecuted for treason and - if convicted in a court of law - executed.

Madonna: Angry, Outraged ...

I Have Thought About Blowing Up

The White House

January, 2017

Professor Thomas Chung

Painting of Donald Trump's Severed Head

"He will not last the four years."


Sigh. Yet another liberal incitement to murder.

@tracypickerill Jan 19, 2017

Love Trumps Hate...

And we will get you.

Assassinate Mike Pence *First*

Professor Mike Isaacson

City University of New York's John Jay College

Love and incitement to murder from academia.

Left Wing Incitement

New York Times reporter Dan Bilefsky devoted a long review-interview in Saturday Arts to left-wing British journalist Jonathan Freedland’s "trenchant satire" novel about the assassinating of a president, “Trump Is Stranger Than Fiction.”

  He dutifully passed along the suggestion that such assassination porn was inevitable “when the top guy in the White House appears to be recklessly lurching toward global destruction...”

-Clay Waters Go To Site

Liberal, Hate, Character, Murder, Trump

CNN host Anthony Bourdain joked in an interview with TMZ that he would poison President Trump if given the opportunity to cook for him and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. “If Trump and Kim Jong-un were going to have a bit of a summit to try and mend relations and they wanted you to cater, what would you serve?” asked a TMZ reporter.

  “Hemlock," Bourdain deadpanned.

  Hemlock is defined as "a drug or lethal drink prepared from the poison hemlock" that has been used as an execution method.

"Donald Trump and his victory have given a hope in the American people - the hope that he would be killed even before his inauguration."

Incitement from Rosie

Trump Must Go


By Any Means Necessary.

January 2017

"If you’re going to kill a hog, you have to jump down in the mud sometimes to get him."

Antifa: Make The Guillotine Red Again



A Liberal Targets Republicans

James T. Hodgkinson, a 66-year-old unemployed home inspector, who was virulently anti-Trump and anti-Republican, sought out and opened fire on Republican congressmen and aides who were practicing for an annual charity baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia.

Threatening the President of the United States is a federal felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making "any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States".

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“When she says that the White House should be blown up, do I think that Madonna’s going to do it? Not necessarily. But it’s about this: meaning, motive, opportunity, and intent.”

  Byrne’s larger point was that the issue has more to do with Madonna’s influence and the potential for her remarks to motivate others, as opposed to her taking any action herself.

  The Secret Service knows, added Byrne, “from years and years of experience that people with issues can be motivated by hate and anger speech.”

-Dan Riehl Go To Site

Singers, celebrities and journalists have all joined in the bloody Trump assassination fantasies. Back in 2016, comedian Bill Maher joked during a D.C. performance that he was getting “nervous” about the presidential race “tightening.”

  “If this race is even the week before the election, somebody is going to have to go out there…” Maher paused as the crowd cheered.

-Dan Gainor Go To Site

From "Kill Bush" to #AssassinateTrump, the naked hypocrisy of the "love and peace" left is on full display.

  Spare us the lectures about diversity, tolerance and safe spaces. Look in the mirror. Put down the haterade. Seek help.

-Michelle Malkin Go To Site