They haye you. They want you dead.

Leftists Wish Disease On Others

"If for some reason I didn’t manage to get a pen from my mouth to Gary’s hands, I wanted to seed his office with germs, get as many of his people sick as I could, and hopefully one of them would infect the candidate." -Dan Savage

Bill Maher is no stranger to controversy, recently supporting the U.S. tipping into a recession. Now, he’s rejoicing in the death of a billionaire, who died on Friday at age 79 following a long battle with cancer.

  The “Real Time” host didn’t hold back Friday night.

  “F--- him… I’m glad he’s dead," he said... “I hope the end was painful."

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Marshall University biology professor Jennifer Mosher has been placed on administrative leave after appearing to suggest that she hopes Trump supporters contract coronavirus and "die before the election."

  "Yesterday he held one inside. Nobody wore a mask," Mosher says in a clip that surfaced on social media. Mosher appears to be referring to President Donald Trump's recent campaign rally. “And I’ve become the type of person where I hope they all get it and die."

  “You can’t argue with them, you can’t talk sense into them,” she explained. “I said to somebody yesterday, I hope they all die before the election. That’s the only saving hope I have right now. Definitely bootlickers."

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A Texas A&M University professor celebrated on his personal Facebook page that conservative leaders have tested positive for and have died from coronavirus, even expressing hope that President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence contract the virus as well...

  Following the death of former Republican presidential candidate and conservative businessman Herman Cain from coronavirus, Castro said, “Covid kills the poor. It also kills some stupid, like Herman Cain, but mostly kills the poor.”

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A top medical executive at a Buffalo hospital was fired this weekend after demanding that supporters of President Donald Trump renounce ventilators if they become critically ill with coronavirus.

  In a Facebook exchange, Laura Krolczyk, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center's now former vice president for external affairs, wrote, "Trump supporters need to pledge to give up their ventilators for someone else ... and not go to the hospital."

  Krolczyk also said Trump supporters should "barricade themselves" inside churches to ride out the coronavirus.

  Krolczyk previously worked for Hillary Clinton and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.).

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Police kicked the #Occupy Portland goons out of a park this weekend. But not before the #occupy goons could scream, “Eat ----!” at the police. The protesters also threatened to give the police scabies and lice.

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A Democratic state lawmaker said she wanted to pump a lethal “broth of Legionella” bacteria into the water system of a Republican colleague’s family, during heated remarks on the Illinois House floor over a bill aimed at helping families of more than a dozen residents at the Downstate Quincy veterans home who died of Legionnaires’...

  “I would like to make him a broth of Legionella and pump it into the water system of his loved one, so that they can be infected, they can be mistreated, they can sit and suffer by getting aspirin instead of being properly treated and ultimately die. And we are talking about our nation's heroes,” said Kifowit, a Marine veteran.

Coronavirus: Useful in Exterminating Climate Change Skeptics...

"Don’t take this the wrong way but if you were a young, hardline environmentalist looking for the ultimate weapon against climate change, you could hardly design anything better than coronavirus.

 Unlike most other such diseases, it kills mostly the old who, let’s face it, are more likely to be climate sceptics."

Berin Szóka

Trump Death Would Be Poetic Justice

Serious question. Is liberalisn more deadly?

Serious question: could there possibly be any greater poetic justice in the universe than for Trump to die of the #CPACvirus?

Liberal Glee at CPAC Corona Virus

Lawrence Kootnikoff, March 7, 2020


"Couldn’t happen to a nicer group, I must say..." -Lawrence Kootnikoff

Liberal: Spread Corona Virus to Trump


Spreading Disease, In The Name of Tolerance...

"I went from doorknob to doorknob. They were filthy, no doubt, but there wasn’t time to find a rag to spit on. My immune system wasn’t all it should be—I was in the grip of the worst flu I had ever had—but I was on a mission.

 If for some reason I didn’t manage to get a pen from my mouth to Gary’s hands, I wanted to seed his office with germs, get as many of his people sick as I could, and hopefully one of them would infect the candidate."

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Back in 2000, the White House’s favorite bully, Dan Savage, was hired by to infiltrate the Gary Bauer presidential campaign. He became so frustrated with Bauer’s religiosity that, after contracting the flu, he decided to go around the office licking doorknobs in order to infect the other staffers, including Bauer.

Infect Trump Supporters with Corona Virus

February, 2020

Pakistani-Canadian author of The Atheist Muslim

Feel the liberal love.

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