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I want to thank the Lord for our Constitution. I also want to thank the NRA for its legacy. The National Rifle Association was started, founded by, religious leaders who wanted to protect freed slaves from the Ku Klux Klan. They would raise money, buy arms, show the freed slaves how to use those arms and protect their families. God bless you. Many of us probably wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the NRA.”

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Demand A Plan - Demand Celebrities Go F--- Themselves - YouTube

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Brief, but compelling look at FBI and UK Home Office published crime rates vs. gun ownership and urban locations.

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There’s a marvelous clip up on the World Wide Web of Senator Leahy, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, asking the then-solicitor general, Ms. Kagan, about Heller. Not only does she acknowledge that such an individual right exists, but she declares that it is “settled law.” Not only does she do that, but Mr. Leahy, who is about as far left as one can get in the United States Senate, declares that he agrees with Heller. He points out that he’s from Vermont, where there just aren’t any gun control laws at all (and which, incidentally, has the lowest firearms homicide rate in the country).

No nonsense testimony in the Senate about Second Ammendment rights.