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Off The Liberal Reservation

"My friends are friends only so long as they think as I do politically." -Che Guevara

Like a cult, anyone who dares to not pay allegiance to the liberal narrative will be attacked. Smearing high-profile conservative women, gays and people of color is meant to send a message to everyone else: conform or else. -Tammy Bruce Go To Site

Appearing on CNN following her WaPo op-ed, Nomani explained that she sees a crisis within leftism, which she dubbed the "liberal honor brigade." They shut up the opposition and exhibit no tolerance, she said. -Amanda Prestigiacomo Go To Site

WE progressives believe in diversity, and we want women, blacks, Latinos, gays and Muslims at the table — er, so long as they aren’t conservatives. -Nicholas Kristof, A Confession of Liberal Intolerance Go To Site

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After repeatedly criticizing President Barack Obama, actor James Woods suggested in a tweet late Tuesday that his politics may cost him work in Hollywood... "I don’t expect to work again. I think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic. My country first."

Asra Nomani, Muslim Trump Supporter

Calls Out "Liberal Honor Brigade"

Referring to herself as a “happy liberal,” she then railed against other liberals who look to shut down opposing views.

“I believe in progressive values but I do believe that we have a liberal honor brigade nowadays that is basically shutting up and silencing people who disagree with them.”

  "I come from a community that touts that we are so inclusive, we are so embracing of what's different, all we ask for is tolerance and equality...

  When I came out as a supporter of Trump, I was blackballed instantly... I got death threats."

Minorities Should Toe The Line...

... If you’re not prepared to come to that table and represent that voice, don’t come, because we don't need any more brown faces that don't want to be a brown voice. We don’t need black faces that don't want to be a black voice. We don't need Muslims that don’t want to be a Muslim voice. We don’t need queers that don't want to be a queer voice...

The Core of Identity Politics...

"So if you're a true individual—meaning you don't subscribe to the ideas that the groupthink has attributed to you based on those immutable characteristics—you must be cast out."


Attacking Their Minority Authenticity

The 2016 Republican field is young and racially diverse... Liberals find this upsetting, and have vented their anger by questioning the racial authenticity of GOP minority candidates.

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Noticeably absent from the speaker line-up at the Let Freedom Ring event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington today: the nation’s only black Senator, Tim Scott. Scott, a Republican Representative appointed by S.C. Governor Nikki Haley earlier this year to fill former Sen. Jim DeMint’s seat in the U.S. Senate after he retired, was not invited to participate in the historic event, a spokesperson for the Senator confirmed to Red Alert Politics in an email.

White Liberal Intolerance at NPR...

  I know from personal experience at National Public Radio that white liberals can be very intolerant if they suspect they are dealing with a black person who is not afraid from depart from liberal orthodoxy.

Off The Racial Reservation

Off The Racial Reservation

The woke Left judges people and treats others differently based on the color of their skin, with particular hatred reserved for minorities who don't embrace the woke ideology.

-Helen Raleigh

Thou Shalt Not Question The Narrative

Thou Shalt Not Question The Narrative

Summers committed the cardinal sin against the academic hard left: He expressed politically incorrect views regarding gender, race, religion, sexual preference, and the military. -Alan M. Dershowitz

Off The Feminist Reservation

Off The Feminist Reservation

It’s no secret that conservative women are held to a different standard than liberal women. That bias becomes most obvious when a conservative woman rises to a prominent position. -Ashe Schow

Off The Democrat Reservation

Off The Democrat Reservation

I stopped being a Democrat when it became clear that I was expected to vacate any of my own thoughts and opinions in order to fall in line with the party, or be called moronic or hateful or bigoted or even evil. -Elizabeth Scalia

Off The Gay Reservation

Off The Gay Reservation

The real story of bigotry and intolerance is the fact that it lives and thrives on the left. As a gay woman who spent most of her adult life pushing the cart for liberal causes with liberal friends in a liberal city, I found that sexism, racism and homophobia are staples in the liberal world. -Tammy Bruce

Off The Approved Science Reservation

Off The Approved Science Reservation

But, I sense that you are about to experience the 'Big Cutoff' from those of us who believe we can no longer trust you, me included. -Michael Schlesinger to reporter Andy Revkin

We champion tolerance, except for conservatives and evangelical Christians. We want to be inclusive of people who don’t look like us — so long as they think like us. -Nicholas Kristof Go To Site

Progressive regimes demand that persons who express themselves in public (even in private) affirm any and all things that pertain to the regime’s identity lest they lose access to jobs or privileges, and be exposed to the shunning or ire of regime supporters—if not treated as criminals.

-Angelo M. Codevilla Go To Site