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'We won't make a difference if we don't kill a cop or two': Occupy protester's Twitter threat against police Go To Site

Occupy Los Angeles protesters were in downtown for a "Free Chalk for Free Speech" event to show support for people previously arrested for chalking on the sidewalks. The event was not sanctioned by authorities, so it caught them by surprise. Police in riot gear broke up a crowd of about 200 people. Authorities said some of those people threw rocks, bottles and other objects at officers. Go To Site

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Some 800 Occupy Wall Street protesters began the new year by trying to retake Zuccotti Park last night, starting a massive clash with police in which one officer was stabbed in the hand with a pair of scissors. A suspect was arrested in the 11:30 p.m. incident, according to a law enforcement source. Hundreds in the crowd of occupiers then surrounded the ambulance as it tried to leave with the wounded officer, the source said.

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A Park County sheriff's deputy was killed and two others were wounded Wednesday while trying to serve an eviction notice at the mountain home of a community activist... The three deputies went to serve an eviction notice at the home of Martin Wirth... Wirth once ran for state Senate as a Green Party candidate and has been listed as an Occupy Denver activist.

Occupy Wall Street Assault on Female Police Officer

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Peace. Love. Tolerance. Thanks, liberals.

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An Occupy Wall Street activist is facing up to seven years in prison after being convicted by a jury in Manhattan of assaulting a New York police officer as he led her out of a protest. Cecily McMillan was on Monday afternoon found guilty of deliberately elbowing Officer Grantley Bovell in the face in March 2012. After a trial lasting more than four weeks, the jury of eight women and four men reached their verdict in about three hours. Judge Ronald Zweibel ordered that McMillan, 25, a graduate student at the New School, be detained.

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A protester charged with hitting a Chicago police officer over the head with a frying pan Wednesday night on North Michigan Avenue was ordered held today in lieu of $50,000 bond... Wagaman is one of 12 protesters who were arrested after a scuffle with police on North Michigan Avenue at Ohio Street that left five officers injured, including the officer Wagaman allegedly hit with the frying pan, authorities said. Wagaman is charged with aggravated battery to a peace officer, a felony.

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Corey Donahue, an Occupy Denver protester arrested three times before, was taken into custody Monday after he allegedly threatened to kill a Denver police officer and tried to pull him from a cruiser. The officer was in a marked police cruiser at a stop light at Broadway and 14th Avenue at about 9:45 p.m. and recognized Donahue, 29, when he ran toward the car screaming insults and threatening to kill the cop. Donahue then plunged his hand through the open driver's window, allegedly hitting the officer in the face while he was holding a black object in his hand that police later said was a cellphone.

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A tweet encouraging the Occupy Wall Street movement to 'kill' police officers during clashes in Zuccotti Park is being investigated. The post, which was directed to a page on Ustream showing live footage of the protests, was allegedly written under the Twitter handle 'smackema1' on Saturday at 11.39pm. It said: 'we wont make a difference if we dont kill a cop or 2'.

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Mullins said more than 20 officers have been injured during the course of the Wall Street protests, now in their sixth week since kicking off Sept. 17. “Protesters are not immunized from civil liability merely because their victims are wearing the uniform of the New York City Police Department,” he said.

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NEW ORLEANS – The “Occupy Wall Street” movement came to the Big Easy on Thursday, but its expression of varied and often clashing political messages quickly turned difficult. As about 500 New Orleans protesters marched, complete with a small brass band, from Orleans Parish Prison to the Federal Reserve and then inside City Hall, one activist told The Daily Caller she heard shouts of “Kill the cops!”

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - An Occupy Portland protester is accused of assaulting an officer during Wednesday night's march across two Portland bridges. One man is accused of shoving a police sergeant into a moving Trimet bus before running back into the crowd. After the march ended, officers found the suspect and arrested him.

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Fliers have been found at Occupy Phoenix instructing people on when to shoot police officers.

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An officer has been struck with a brick in the face as officers in riot gear and on horseback cleared protesters from one of the last remaining Occupy sites, police said.

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As they transported Anderson to the Area A-1 station, the officer she most recently assaulted asked why she had kicked him. "Because you [expletive] deserve it," she allegedly responded. She is said to have apologized for that act later, adding that she "had to do what she had to do to fight the corruption."

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Though the Occupy Wall Street movement has been largely peaceful, 58 percent of Occupy Chicago survey respondents agreed that violence against the government is sometimes justified.

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Protestor slams female police officer in the head from behind.

"It's always a possibility that police will insert themselves," he said. "We try to be peaceful. Protest in Portland is not violent. That they continue to use this much force is pretty unconscionable." Go To Site

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(CNN) -- Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey said Thursday that three Occupy Denver activists have been charged with felonies -- including inciting a riot and second-degree assault on an officer.

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As a part of the Occupy movement I'd like to say what a pleasure it was speaking to your Young Conservatives group. They show up again and they'll never be part of the Old Conservatives. K.

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SAN FRANCISCO -- One San Francisco police officer was slashed by a razor and another had his uniform torn and cheek cut in a clash with Occupy San Francisco protesters Saturday afternoon, authorities said. About 3:30 p.m., near the Embarcadero and Broadway, police attempted to prevent marching demonstrators from blocking the intersection where MUNI light rail tracks are located. A female protester emerged from the crowd and an "exacto razor blade attached to a pen or pencil-like object," San Francisco police said in an email.

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An Operation Wall Street protester was busted last night after he slugged a police officer during a march on the Federal Reserve. About 100 demonstrators had left Zuccotti Park at around 10 p.m. As the group neared Liberty and Nassau streets, two marchers began to fight each other. When police tried to intervene, one of the protesters suddenly punched an officer in the face.

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In total, seven police officers were injured in today's chaotic series of events. One of them suffered a cut on his hand that required 20 stitches after a protester tossed an unknown object at him.

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Two Portland police officers were injured -- one suffered a gash to his leg after he was hit by a projectile thrown by the crowd; another was injured by a horse. Police arrested 23-year-old Cameron Matta, who is accused of throwing the object at the officer.

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City officials are losing patience with Occupy protesters after two Vancouver police officers were bitten and a bucket of urine was dumped on a City of Victoria worker.

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One protester threw a bottle at an officer and was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. The ten others were arrested on suspicion of assault on a police officer or resisting an officer.

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Copies of an "informational" letter were left on a table for protesters to pick up and read during the "Occupy Phoenix" event at Cesar Chavez Park.

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State Trooper Guy Gill said three people arrested Monday face possible charges of felony assault, including one who bit a trooper's arm.

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Some 800 Occupy Wall Street protesters began the new year by trying to retake Zuccotti Park last night, starting a massive clash with police in which one officer was stabbed in the hand with a pair of scissors. A suspect was arrested in the 11:30 p.m. incident, according to a law enforcement source.

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From higher floors, the Times reports that students dropped books on police, as 200 to 300 protesters stood outside of the lobby and shouted “Shame!,” while pounding on the outside of the building.

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BOSTON (CBS) – There could be some bad blood brewing between Boston Police and the ‘Occupy Boston’ movement. “In the days following the arrest of 140 people there were several things that came up on the Internet and one of them was a threat towards a couple of police officials in Boston,” Police Commissioner Ed Davis told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Friday morning.

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After being directed to get down, one of of the protesters became aggressive and assaulted a police officer... In all, three officers suffered minor injuries in the protest, city officials said.