Occupy Oakland Protesters Threatens Reporters

There's a huge rat problem. There are huge rats running around City Hall... There's a softball metaphor. -RB

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Bruce was taking photographs of tents when a man approached him and told to him to “have some respect.” He calmly explained that it was a public park and he had every right to be there. Before he knew it, his camera had been smacked out of his hands, and his face had been punched. Bleeding fairly heavily from his nose, he went and described the assault to one of the many policeman in the square. An ambulance was called, and arrived almost immediately. When she was finished, the EMT told him that it was the “fourteenth assault” to which she had personally been called.

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We are the 99 percent and we don’t want any violence. We are the 99 percent and you’re the 1 percent. We don’t want war in our society,” he says... The reporter is heard saying the protester who was shouting at them was the same one who struck him on another occasion.

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MYFOXNY.COM - A protester, angered by the presence of a news crew inside Zuccotti Park Friday morning, threatened to stab Fox 5 News reporter John Huddy.

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Fox reporter John Huddy reported of his assailant that, “This is somebody I’ve come across several times for the last few days. He threatened to stab me in the throat with a pen. He ripped the mic out of my hand.”

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Occupy Oakland demonstrators took to the streets again Saturday night, marching in an anti-police protest following violent clashes with cops the week before. About 70 protesters began their march toward police headquarters around 9 p.m, burning an American flag as they set out, the Associated Press reported.

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Our source, who is fearful of reprisal and has requested anonymity, says that KGO-TV’s Amy Hollyfield was accosted by a man who threatened her and used a racial slur: “We shoot white bitches like you around here.” According to our source, the Oakland Police Department was apparently called to the scene. Inquiries to the police, and to Hollyfield, which began at roughly 8 a.m. Pacific time yesterday, are still unanswered today. Other local morning news reports from three of the major Bay Area stations suggested that the Occupy Oakland tent city had descended into rat-infested squalor with complaints of vandalism, public urination, sexual harassment, and sex in public.

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But some members of the movement became hostile to the media trying to document the scene. In fact, ABC7 photographer Randy Davis got punched several times in the head.