Arrogance not backed by ability.

"The Adults Are Back In Charge"

Joe Biden’s Cabinet Picks Send a Clear Message: The Adults Are Back in Charge.

Gen. Milley revealed the astounding news that after Kabul fell on August 15, Biden didn’t even talk with Milley and Austin about the question of possibly extending the August 31 deadline until August 25.

  So what did he do for 10 days besides being on vacation?

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We covered how Gen. McKenzie’s testimony nailed Joe Biden for a lie.

  McKenzie testified under oath that he had previously recommended to Biden that we keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan prior to his decision not to do so. McKenzie also said he predicted that withdrawing them would cause the Afghan Army to collapse and the Taliban to take over. Biden said he hadn’t been told either thing by any of his advisors.

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For US allies the Biden slate marks a return to more traditional US engagement — and a welcome sign the “grown-ups” are back in control.

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Nobody Is In Charge: Americans Stranded in Afghanistan...

  "We don't have an estimate on the number, because nobody is in charge right now."

The Grown-Ups are Back in Charge in Washington


"Biden team must combine their liberal values with fresh thinking" -Financial Times Editorial Board November 27 2020

The Biden Administration

The Adults Are Back in Charge


"Our message to all of our partners around the world uh... is... uh... to... um ... is clearly reflected in our actions ... over the past few decades and now."

-State Dept. spokesperson Ned Price

  "I think if we get Joe Biden, it's gonna go a long way towards helping us regain our status around the world."

The Collapse of Afghanistan...

  This malaise feels different. Before, it seemed as if there were forces both vague and specific that caused our ills. History had turned against us.

  Now, it feels entirely self-imposed by a class of managerial technocrats whose indifference is matched only by their incompetance, and a disconnected, destructive, frivilous intellectual class that looks daft and mad to the unwoke.

Joe Biden: Historic Incompetence

"There’s going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy … of the United States from Afghanistan. It is not at all comparable [to Vietnam]."

-Joe Biden, July 8 2021

Resign, asshole.

August 2021: People being lifted off the roof of the United States Embassy in Afghanistan

Nobody Is In Charge: Americans Stranded in Afghanistan...

  "We don't have an estimate on the number, because nobody is in charge right now."

"In the wake of President Biden's withdrawal decision," the Wall Street Journal reported, "the U.S. pulled its air support, intelligence and contractors servicing Afghanistan's planes and helicopters. That meant the Afghan military simply couldn't operate anymore."

  You'd think adults would have understood this and planned accordingly. The collapse of the Afghan government wasn't inevitable until we made it inevitable.

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